Repertory (INST & foreign editing) of the 2nd time Mocha Band

The 2nd time mocha band of the 1970s. They are instrumental music and Western music.
NOSong Name Orignal TuneMy Part
1Surf RiderThe VenturesSG
2Comin' Home Baby The VenturesSG
3Driving GuitarThe VenturesSG
4Love Potion No.9The VenturesLG
5PipelineThe VenturesSG
6Diamond HeadThe VenturesSG
7V MedleyThe VenturesSG
8BulldogThe VenturesSG
9I'll Remrmber in The Rain Takeshi Terauchi and his Blue JeansSG
10If I FeelThe BeatlesSG-VO
11She Loves YouThe BeatlesSG
12Ticket To RideThe BeatlesSG-VO
13And I Love HerThe BeatlesLG-VO
14The Loco-motionLittle EvaSG-VO
15DianaPaul AnkaSG-VO
16RunawayDell ShannonSG-VO
17One Way Cicket To The BluesNeal SedakaSG-VO
18Louisiana MamaHisahiko IidaSG-VO
19Miami Beach Rumba Original arrangementLG
20TAIYO-NI HOERO Original arrangementSG
21TAIYO-NO KAKERA Original arrangementSG