1998 Performance music

The final party version of the end of the 1998 fiscal year
NOSong Name Orignal TuneMy Part
1Driving GuitarThe VenturesKB
2APACHEThe VenturesKB
3Yellow JacketThe VenturesKB
4Slaughter on the 10th AvenueThe VenturesKB
5PipelineThe VenturesKB
6Surf RaiderThe VenturesKB
7TelstarThe VenturesKB
8Diamond HeadThe VenturesKB
9California dreamingThe VenturesKB
11Night in CYUNIZIADr.K ProjectKB
12Hawwai Five-oThe VenturesKB
13NOE BUSHITakeshi Terauchi and BunnysKB
14KURODA-BUSHITakeshi Terauchi and his Blue JeansKB
15OKOSA-BUSHITakeshi Terauchi and his Blue JeansKB
16SANOSATakeshi Terauchi and his Blue JeansKB
17Let's Go!The VenturesKB
18Wipe-OutThe VenturesKB
19Kyoto DollThe VenturesKB
20Paint It BlackThe VenturesKB
21J-POP MedoleyThe VenturesKB
22Ginza Light'sDr.K ProjectKB
23Black Sand BeachThe VenturesKB
24THe House of Rising SunThe VenturesKB
25TUGARU JYONGARA-BUSHITakeshi Terauchi and his Blue JeansKB
26La Cumparsita Takeshi Terauchi and his Blue Jeans**