A price was high, and it couldn't be bought even if of course it didn't obtain it and it was sold though BLUE JEANS CUSTOM was the target of admiration for 1960 years fee then. Because it isn't sold now, either, remodeling is carried out resolutely based on '67SG5. It was rejected carefully, and this could not but make it though Yamaha Corp. was asked for the moss-green color number and the logo sample.
How to make a logo
1. A manuscript is made.
(1) It is scanned from the book which the logo of BLUE JEANS CUSTOM is on. The modification of the rest is difficult if resolution isn't increased in this case. (I am 100% of 800dpi.)
(2) By the image modification software such as Photoshop outline modification (very very)
(3) When a pass is made, too, the person who has an illustrator is convenience.
2. The above data are delivered to Seal made shop and it has a seal made.
(1) In the case of cutting seat.
Because a little character is unacceptable, YAMAHA of the second line...It cannot but be omitted. And, a result is better than CROMATIC though discontent is left because there are a few colors which can be used, too. (2000 yen-3000 yen)
*****The store which asked for cutting seat****
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(1) In the case of CROMATIC Printing.
CROMATIC printing is an affixing type to be the same as the seal of the plastic model. The point which is different from cutting seat isn't to be a cut, but print it. A color can be chosen, and a little character is OK, too. With 11Cm~7Cm, about 1 color 3000 yen
Link of Head Logo
*****The store which asked for CROMATIC Printing****
PRESEN HOUSE TOO SHINJYUKU company . TEL:03-3379-1238 Charge : Ms. ISHIAI
The introduction of Mr. Konno (ELEKI GUITAR BOOK 4 reference.) of Miniature Guitar production