Oldies/The Animals/Complete Animals

Title : Complete Animals
Record Label : EMI
Number :
Date : 1993
Price : yen
Length :
Artist : The Animals
Track :
Disc 1
(1)Boom boom
(2)Talking 'bout you
(3)Blue feeling
(5)Baby let me take you home
(6)Gonna send you back to Wa
(7)Baby what's wrong
(8)House of the rising sun
(10)I'm mad again
(11)Right time
(12)Around and around
(13)I'm in love again
(14)Bury my body
(15)She said yeah
(16)I'm crying
(17)Take it easy
(18)Story of Bo Diddley
(19)Girl can't help it
(20)I've been around
Disc 2
(1)Memphis, Tennessee
(2)Don't let me be misunders
(3)Club a gogo
(5)Hallelujah, I love her so
(6)Don't want much
(7)I believe to my soul
(8)Let the good times roll
(9)Mess around
(10)How you've changed
(11)I ain't got you
(13)Bright lights big city
(14)Worried life blues
(15)Bring it on home to me
(16)For Miss Caulker
(17)I can't believe it
(18)We gotta get out of this
(19)It's my life
(20)I'm gonna change the worl