Surf & Hodrod/The Beach Boys/Instrumental Hits
It's Poor Sounds,but Like it.
Title : Instrumental Hits
Record Label : WB
Number : WPCR 1388
Date : 1997/7/25
Price : 2800yen
Length : 44:56
Artist : The Beach Boys
Track :
(1)Moon dawg
(4)Honky Tonk
(5)Surf Jam
(6)Let's Go Trippin'
(7)Rocking Surser
(8)Boogie Woodie
(9)After The Game
(10)Shut Down Part 2
(11)Denny's Drums
(12)Carl's Big Chance
(13)Let's Go Trippin'(Live)
(14)Summer Means New Love
(16)Pet sounds
(17)Fall Breaks And Back To winter
(18)Passing By
(19)diamond Head
(20)The Nearest Far Away Place

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