Foreign ELIKI/VA/60's BRIT-Pop Instrumentals
For Mr.Jorma of Finland.
Title : 60's BRIT-Pop Instrumentals Vol.1
Record Label : DIAMOND / ZIRCOM
Number : Zirc 1014
Date : 1999
Price : --
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Cats Eyes(Ted Tayor Four)
2.The Ghoul friend(Ravens Rock Group)
3.There Are 8 Million Cossack Melodies
And This Is One Of Them(group X)
4.Legend Of The Glass Mountain(Dukes)
5.Tom Tom Cat(Tom Cats)
7.Night Of The Vampire(Moontrekkers)
8.Margines Of The Mind(London Studio Group)
10.Yorkshire Reiish(Apex Group)
12.Getaway(Ritchie Blackmore)
13.Bond Street p.m(Mood-Mosaic)
14.Opus Rhe Spring(Jaguars)
15.Rat Fink(Dakotas)
16.Mistral(Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers)
18.Getting It On(Rhet Stoller)
19.Railroad Bluest(Wes Minster Five)
20.Tender Savage(Carnaby Street Set)
21.Theme From Tightrope(Volcanos)
22.Rolling Bones(Screaming Nadjers)
23.1.15.a.m(Gary Edwards Combo)
24.Honky Tonk (Gorge Chisholm & The Bluenotes)
25.Spotling(Ted Taylor Four)