Foreign ELIKI/Bumble & The Stingers/Nut Rocker & All
Import Album
Title : Nut Rocker & All
Record Label : ACE
Number : CDCHD-577
Date : 1995
Price :
Length :
Artist : Bumble & The Stingers
Track :
(1)Nut Ricker
(2)Bumble Boogie
(3)School Day Blues
(4)Boogie Woogie
(5)Near You
(6)High Wire
(10)Rockin' On 'N' Off
(11)Mashed #5
(12)Apple Knocker
(13)Moon And The Sea
(14)All Of Me
(15)Dawn Cracker
(17)Twelfth Street Rag
(18)Canadian Sunset
(19)Baby Mash
(20)Night Time Madness
(21)In The Mood
(22)Chicken Chow Mein
(23)Bumble Bossa Nova
(24)Canadian Sunset