Together/Clife Richard & The Shadows

LD Clife Richard & The Shadows Live 1984

Title : Together
Record Label : PCTURE MUSIC
Number : SM068-0092
Date : 1984
Price : 6800Yen
Lengh : 61:21
Artist : Clife Richard & The Shadows
Track :
1.Move It(clife)
2.Don't Talk To Him(clife)
3.Please Don't Tease(Clife)
4.It's All In The Game(clife)
5.Lucky Lips(Clife)
6.Wonderful Land(Shadows)
7.Theme From Deeruhunter(Shadows)
9.Living Doll(Clife)
10.Bachelor Boy(Clife)
11.Summer Holiday(Clife)
12.The Young One(Clife)
13.I Love You(Clife)
14.The Dayimet Marie(Clife)
15.The Tweleth On Never(Clife)
17.Let Me Be The One (Clife)
18.Power To All Our Freiends(Clife)
19.On The Beach(Clife)
20.I Could Easily Fall(Clife)
21.Do You want To dance(Clife)
22.We Don't Talk Anymore(Clife)
24.We Don't Talk Anymore(Repeat)(Clife)

エレキ・インスト&GS レッツー・モカバンド+エイト・ビートの2枚セットで3,000円で

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