TERRY and SHARP FIVE/Munetaka Inoue and Sharp Five/ challenges classic(Vinyl/LP)<
He hears only the technique of Mine of a lead guitar and has no place!
Title : Sharp five challenges classic
Record Label : TOSHIBA
Number LLS-80035
Date : 1970/10
Price : 1500yen
Length :
Artist : Munetaka Inoue and Sharp Five
Track :
(A-1)Symphonies No.9 2:53
(A-2)Unfinished Synphony 3:36
(A-3)From The New World 3:07
(A-4)Ave Maria 3:39
(A-5)Piano Concerto of Tschaikovsky
(B-1)Symphony No.5 3:13
(B-2)Symphony No.6 3:09
(B-3)Sonata for piano No. 14 Moonlight 4:04
(B-4)Violin Concerto of Mendelssohn 2:34
(B-5)Swan Lake 2:28