Japanese Eleki/VA/Diamond Beat
Mid 60's Eleki Band Collection.(TEICHIKU Version).Cheep!!
Title :@Diamond Beat
Record Label : TEICHIKU
Number : PCD 1573
Date : 1998/01/25
Price : 2800yen
Length : 70:15
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)Wild Week-End(Terry & Blue Jeans)
(2)Kiskstand(Hiroshi Tutumi & All Star Wagon)
(3)Red Lanterns(Blue Ace)
(4)Blue Jeans Blues(Blue Jeans)
(5)Diamond Head(All Star Wagon)
(6)Karen(Blue Jeans)
(7)Mariner No.4(All Star Wagon)
(8)Slaugter On The 10th Avenue(Blue Jeans)
(9)Mrs Brown You've got A Lonley Daufhter(Blue Ace)
(10)Caravan(All Star Wagon)
(11)Dizzy Miss Lizzy(Blue Ace)
(12)I Go To Pieces(Blue Jeans)
(13)Apache(All Star Wagon)
(14)Bombora(All Star Wagon)
(15)Tragic Winds(All Star Wagon)
(16)Crying in A storm(All Star Wagon)
(17)TOMOSHIBI(Blue Jeans)
(18)TOROIKA(Blue Jeans)
(19)Galaxy(Blue Jeans)
(20)Out Of Limit(Blue Jeans)
(21)Surf Party(Blue Jeans)
(22)Point Panic(Blue Jeans)
(23)96 Tears(The Van Dogs
(24)Mas Que Nada(The Van Dogs)
(25)Hunky Panky(The Van Dogs)
(26)Into Each Sadness(Fingers)
(28)AI-NI MUKATTE(Fingers)