Japanese Eleki/VA/Expression Vol.1
One music,ROYAL FINGERS Of Summy!!
Title : Expression Vol.1
Record Label : 1+2 RECORD
Number : 1+2CD 129
Date :
Price : 1200yen
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Thinkin' Man's Girl(Teenie Cheetahs)
2.No Reason(Fastars)
3.Call My Shot(Usuals)
4.Get Used To It(Frig A Go Go)
5.Oh! My Pretty Face(Sweet J.A.P)
6.Baby Baby(Pappys)
7.I Don't Mind(Pay Channel)
8.Reverb Custom(Royal Fingers)
9.Pa Pa Party On My Heart(Lottie Collins)
10.In The Past(Dementia 13)
11.Stand(Green Horn)
12.She's So Cute(Tv Idols)
13.Howl Howl(Hoe Inu)
14.Get Back Girl(Volume Out)
15.Plug In(Dessert Junkys)
16.Bad Boy(Phycotic Reaction)
17.Two Guitar's Boogie(Rockin' Enocky)
18.Prefect Site(Illegal Sun)
19.Holiday Discount Pussy(Highteen Boogie)
20.Big Deal(Golden Arms)
21.Look Up The Sky(Pebbles)
22.Kyong-Si Hellbent(Mach 55)
23.Indian Boogie(Das Boot)