Japanese Eleki/Dr.K.Project & Friends/Feed Back

November 17, 96, the Mel Taylor mourning live held by Power Station.
Title : Feed Back
Record Label : PANAM
Number : CRCP 20147/8
Date : 1997/4/23
Price : 3,500yen
Length : 57:49/51:21
Artist : Dr.K.Project & Friends
Track :
Disc 1F
(1)The Cruel Sea
(3)Mumble Bee Twist
(4)The House Of The Rising sun
(6)Surf Rider
(7)Journey To The Stars
(8)Walk Don't Run
(9)Steel Guitar Rag
(11)Pedal Pusher
(13)Out Of limits
(14)Let's Go
(15)Slaughter On 10th Avenue
(17)Blue Sunset
(18)A Taste Of Honey
(20)Summertime blues
(21)Wipe Out
Disc 2F
(1)Bang Bang Bang
(2)Spanish Armada
(3)The Creeper
(4)Diamond Head
(5)Driving Guitar
(6)Love Portion No.9
(7)Surf On Guitar '96
(8)Love Goodes of Venus
(9)Hawaii 5-O
(10)The Savage
(11)Mariner No.4
(12)The Pink Panther Theme
(13)Seacret Agent Man
(14)Batman Theme