The Ventures/The Ventures Forever
Since there is nothing wherever it may look for by the local used CD store, although he wanted purchase and Moon Dawg 65' of Arows, Ventures is substituted. Mr. "Tatsurou Yamashita"'s song selection
Title : The Ventures Forever
Record Label : TOSHIBA / LIBERTY
Number : TOCP 65230/1
Date : 1999/5/26
Price : 3496
Length : 49:02/46:22
Artist : The Ventures
Track :
(1)Walk Don't Run(Real Stereo Version)
(4)Lullaby of Leaves
(5)Yellow Jacket
(6)Driving Guitar
(7)Moon Dawg
(8)Bumble Bee Twist
(9)The Twomp
(10)Mashed Potato Time
(14)The Lonly Sea
(15)Surf Rider
(17)Out of Limits
(19)The Cruel Sea
(21)The 2000 Pound Bee Part2
(1)Walk Don't Run 64'
(2)Journey To The Stars
(3)Rap City
(4)Pedal Pusher
(5)Ten Seconds To Heaven
(6)The Creeper
(7)Tomorrow's Love
(8)When You Walk In The Room
(9)Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
(10)Go Go Slow
(11)The Swigin' Creeper
(13)Stop Action
(14)A Taste of Honey
(15)Batman Theme
(16)The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
(17)Secret Agent Man
(18)Comin' Home Baby