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It's CDNOW. Diamond Ling and Everybody Loves A Clown
Title : Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Record Label : EMD/CAPITOL
Number : CPD-7-93449-2
Date : 1990
Price : $11.49
Length : 60:51 minutes
Artist : Gary Lewis and the Playboys
Track :
(1)This Diamond Ring
(2)Count Me In
(3)Little Miss Go-Go
(4)Doin' The Flake
(5)Save Your Heart For Me
(6)Without A Word Of Warning
(7)Everybody Loves A Clown
(8)Time Stands Still
(9)She's Just My Style
(10)I Won't Make That Mistake Again
(11)Sure Gonna Miss Her
(12)I Don't Wanna Say Goodnight
(13)Face In A Crowd
(14)Green Grass
(15)I Can Read Between The Lines
(17)My Heart's Symphony
(19)(You Don't Have To) Paint Me A Picture
(20)Where Will The Words Come From
(21)Way Way-Out
(22)The Loser (With A Broken Heart)
(23)Girls In Love
(25)Sealed With A Kiss