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Title : Guitar & Beat Vol.3
Record Label : Triola(Sweden)
Number : TRCD-11
Date :
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Ghost Train(Johnny Lundin Band)
2.Venus(Joe's Combo)
3.Bongo Blues(The Invaders)
4.T-Cat Boogie(T-Cats)
5.Tell Me What's Wrong(Lenny Clerwall)
6.Foot Tapper(1961)
7.Kyoto Doll(Counterpoint)
8.Spotnicks Theme(The Nightrunners)
9.Angels & Demons(Eworet Law)
10.Tell Me Mama(Kicki & The Kangaroots)
11.Sealed With A Kiss(The Invaders)
13.Night City(Joe's Combo)
14.Rinky Tink(Lenny Clerwall)
15.I'm In A Wonderful Dream(Lenny Clerwall)
17.F.B.I(Joe's Combo)
18.Mark Of Zorro(Lenny Clerwall)
19.Lonecome(The Invaders)
20.Believe What You Say(Tom Rockers)
21.Flowers(Johnny Lundin Band)
Title : Guitar & Beat Vol.4 cover
Record Label : Triola
Number : TRCD-18
Date :
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Space Race(Tom Rocker Band)
2.Juoksuhauta Twist(The Mustangs)
3.Golden Sunburst(The Nightdrivers)
4.Strolling(The Shabblers)
5.Kiss Me Quick(Bronco & The Backwheels)
6.Hang On(The Spaceman)
7.Ols Scars(The Mustangs)
8.War Dance(The Nightrunners)
9.Shabblers Theme(The Shabblers)
10.Why Little Girl(Robbie & The Ryders)
11.Save Your Kisses For Me(Lennart Clerwall)
12.Tribute To The Wind(The Blue Knights
13.Mystery Walk(The Mustangs)
15.Johnny Is My Guy(Terrie West)
16.Space Party(The Spaceman)
17.Zero(The Shabblers)
18.Ghost Walk(The Nightrunners)
19.I'm Going Home(The Spaceman)
20.Round and Round(The Mustangs)