Oldies/VA/Hullabaloo Volumes9-12

Title : Hullabaloo Volumes9-12
Record Label : MPI
Number : DVD6372
Date : 2000
Price : 24.9$
Length : 4.25hours
Artist : VA
Back in the mid-'60s, television's Hullabaloo was a show that gave music-hungry baby boomers a rare chance to see some of their heroes in action. But it was far from perfect, as the six episodes (plus 17 bonus performances) contained on this four-and-a-half-hour disc make abundantly clear. The shows are in black and white; the quality of the images is poor, especially by today's digital standards, and the sound mixing is generally atrocious. The performances mostly consist of live vocals set to prerecorded tracks. And as for the overall tone... well, suffice to say that in 1965-66, when Hullabaloo originally aired, Hollywood and the TV industry were utterly clueless when it came to youth culture and the burgeoning rock & roll scene, resulting in a hokey quality--ridiculous sets and props, go-go dancers galore--that was laughably square then, let alone now.