Inst/VA/Instrumental Classics Vol.2

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Title : Instrumental Classics Vol.2 cover
Record Label : PHINO
Number : R2 71602
Date : 1994
Price : -
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
01.Walk Don't Run(The Ventures)
02.Wild Weekend(The Rebels)
03.Let's Go(The Routers)
04.Memphis(Lonnie Mack)
05.Bumble Boogie(B.Bumble & The Strings)
06.Ghost Riders In The Sky(Ramrods)
07.Apache(Jorgen Ingmann & His Guitar)
08.Beatnik Fly(Johnny & The Hurricanes)
09.Wheels(The String-A-Longs)
10.Bulldog(The Fireballs)
11The Madison Time-Part 1(Ray Bryant Combo)
12.Telster(The Tornadoes)
13.Out Of Limits(The Marketts)
14.Wham!(Lonnie Mack)
15.Nut Rocker(B.Bumble & The Strings)
16.Because They're Young(Duan Eddy & The Rebels)
17.No Matter What Shape(T-Bones)
18.Classical Gas(Mason Williams)

エレキ・インスト&GS レッツー・モカバンド+エイト・ビートの2枚セットで3,000円で

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