Foreign ELIKI/VA/Instrumental diamonds 1
British 60s Instrumentals
Title :@Instrumental diamonds 1
Record Label : SEQUEL
Number : NEXCD 149
Date :
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)Tovarich(Nero and The Gladitors)
(2)Valley of The Sioux(The Outlaws)
(3)The Miracle(The Shadows)
(4)Kathy(The Nu-Notes)
(5)torquay(The Scorpions)
(6)The Cruel Sea(The Dakotas)
(7)Polaris(The Boys)
(8)Micks Tune(The Fentones)
(9)Hall of Mirrors(The Nu-Notes)
(10)Magic Carpet(The Dakotas)
(11)Trambone(The Krew Kats)
(12)Jam Roll(The Planets)
(13)Gringo(The Fentones)
(14)Riders in The Sky(The Scorpions)
(15)Back Home(The Shadows)
(16)Jumpin'(The Boys)
(17)Samaovar(The Krew Kats)
(18)Fry By Nite(The Cougars)
(19)Mainline(The Staccatos)
(20)Chunky(The Planets)
(21)Sioux Serenade(The Outlaws)
(22)Take 5(The Fentones)