TERRY and SHARP FIVE/TERRY Original Best Tune(CD)
Mr.TERRY met a fan's request, and this album was made.
Mr. Matsuzaki of the fan club chose 50 songs from the enormous original work.
14 songs were chosen from that, and TERRY itself recorded it again and more.
There is a thing that recollections are deep, and which tune is the best masterpiece of ELEKICD, too.
Title :TERRY Original Best Tune
Record Label : KING
Number : KICS 623
Date : 1997/06/21
Price : 2914yen
Length : 41:01
Artist : Takeshi Terauchi and his BLUE JEANZ
Track :
(1)I'll remember in the rain 1965
(2)Silver Star 1986
(3)Black Carnation 1966
(4)Southpia 1967
(5)The Flying Guitar 1966
(6)One Boy GUitar 1973
(7)Feedback Guitar 1971
(8)A rainbow-colored coral reef 1969
(9)Hurricane 1986
(10)A fond battlefield 1971
(11)The beautiful Southern Cross 1971
(12)The beach of the night fog 1966
(13)Rising Guitar 1967
(14)The Stage is Over 1967