Japanese Eleki/VA/Let's Go Surfin
60s Japanese Surf Music
Title : Let's Go Surfin
Record Label : TOSHIBA
Number : TOCT 9478
Date : 1996/6/5
Price : 2,548yen
Length : 47:19
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)Surf City(Dunny Iida & Paradise King)
(2)Summer Means Fun(The Three Funkys)
(3)Movin'(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(4)Misirlou(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(5)The Cruel Sea(Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciters)
(6)Run Run Run(Yuya Uchida)
(7)G T O(The Three Funkys)
(8)Squad Car(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(9)Kickstand(Terumasa Hino/Terry and Blue Jeans)
(10)Wipe Out(Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciters)
(11)Roll Over Beethoven(Yuya Uchida)
(12)On The Beach(The Three Funkys)
(13)Living Doll(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(14)King Of Surf Guitar(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(15)Ride The Wild Surf(The Spacemen)
(16)Do The Clam(Yuya Uchida)
(17)Karen(The Three Funkys)
(18)Diamond Head(Jimmy Takeuchi & The Exciters)
(19)Targic Wind(Terry and Blue Jeans)
(20)Sakura Sakura(Terry and Blue Jeans)