Surf & Hodrod/The Lively Ones/Surf Rider & Surf Drums
Title :@Surf Rider & Surf Drums cover
Record Label : ACE
Number : CDCHD
Date :
Price :
Length :
Artist : The Lively Ones
Track :
(1)Surf Beat
(2)Let's Go Trippin'
(4)Guitar Man
(5)The caterpillar Crawl
(6)Walkin' The Board
(7)Paradise Cove
(8)Goofy Foot
(9)Surf Rider
(10)Happy Gremmie
(12)Surfer's Lament
(13)Tuff Surf
(14)Rik-A -Tik
(15)Wild Weekend
(16)Bustin' Surfboad
(18)Surfer Boogie
(19)Surf Drums
(20)Shootin' The Pier
(23)Forty Miles of Bad Road
(24)Hillybilly Surf
(25)Wipe Out