Japanese Eleki/VA/From Liverpool To Tokyo
Title : From Liverpool To Tokyo
Number : ECN 25715
Date : 23/05/2001
Price : 2500yen
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)I Wanna Hold Your Hand(three Fankeys)
(2)Please Please Me(Cool Cat's)
(3)She Loves You(The Kewpit's & Spaceman)
(4)Can't By Me Love(Tokyo Beatles)
(5)Please Please Me(Michiyo Azusa)
(6)I Feel Fine(Masayuki Hori,Terry&BJ)
(7)Eight Days A Week(The Kewpit's & Spaceman)
(8)You're Going To Lose That Girl(The Spiders)
(9)Help(Isao Bito,Yuya Uchida&TBJ&Blue comet's)
(10)Ticket To Ride(The Kewpit's & Spaceman)
(11)You've Got To Hide Your Love Away(The Spiders)
(12)I'm Down(Isao Bito,Yuya Uchida&TBJ)
(13)Girl(Yoshikawa Jackey & Blue Comet's)
(14)Nowhere Man(Munetaka Inoue & Sharp Five)
(15)We Can't work It Out(The Spiders)
(16)Paperback Writer(Mieko Hirota+R&B)
(17)Sgt. Pepper'S Lonely Hearts Club Band(The Canabeats)
(18)Hello Goodbye(Wildones)
(19)Lady Madonna(Kiyoko Ito & Hapnings Foue)
(20)Hey Jude(THe Swing West)
(21)Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da(The Canabeats)
(22)Din't Let Me Down(Zoo-Nee-Boo)
(23)Get Back(The Canabeats)
(24)Let It Be(Yoshikawa Jackey & Blue Comet's)
(25)Back In The U.S.S.R(Power House)
(26)Good Night(Ryoko Moriyama)