VA/Melancholic Gitar From Finland

From Mr.Jorma of Finland.

Title : Melancholic Gitar From Finland
Record Label : Flamingo
Number : FM-1003
Date : 2300yen
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
The Mustangs
2.Egyptian Twist
3.Harlen Nocturne
4.Castle Mood
5.Theme From Leningrad
6.Blue Sunset
The Quiets
7.Lonely Man
8.Harbour Lights
9.Blue Eyes Twist
10.My Love Has Gone Away
12.Theme From Shane
The Riders
13.Midnight Romance
14.Your Home's Roof
15.The Cossack Patrol
16.A Million Of Rose
17.By A Campfire
18.The Adventure
The SHanons
20.High Chaparral
21.The Man From Nowhrer
22.The Virginian
23.Sixty Seconds To What
24.For A Few Dollars More