The Ventures/Knock Me Out(Vinly LP)
The highest masterpiece of Ventures, the record which heard too much repeatedly, and he wears out and was rebought
Title : Knock Me Out
Record Label : TOSHIBA / LIBERTY
Number : LLS-80035
Date : 197x
Price : 2500yen
Length : 46:10
Artist : The Ventures
Track :
(A-1)I Feel Fine
(A-2)Love Potion No.9
(A-3)Tomorrow's Love
(A-4)Oh Pretty Woman
(A-5)Mariner No.4
(A-6)When You Walk In The Room
(B-1)Gone Gone Gone
(B-2)Slaughter On Tenth Avenue
(B-3)She's Not There
(B-4)Lonely Girl
(B-5)Bird Rockers
(B-6)Sha La La