VA/Sorrowful Nordic Guitar Sound

From Mr.Jorma of Finland.

Title : Sorrowful Nordic Guitar Sound
Record Label : MERCURY
Number : PHCA-4139
Date : 1995
Price : 1800yen
Artist : VA
Track :
1.A Million Of Roses(The Riders)
2.Midnight Romance(The Riders)
3.Ajomes(The Feenades)
4.Two Guitars(The Feenades)
5.Muurari(The Sounds)
6.Gipsy(The Quiets)
7.Harlem Nocturne(The Mustangs)
8.Theme From Leningrad(The Mustangs)
9.My Only Love(The Quiets)
10.Jouksuhauta-Twist(The Avengers)
11.Emma(The Sounds)
12.Rosalia In Blue(The Spotnicks)
13.Mandschuran Beat(The Sounds)
14.Lonely Man(The Spotnicks)
15.My Love Has Gone Away(The Quiets)
16.Lonely Guitar(The Sounds)
17.Golden Earring(The Sounds)
18.Johnny Guitar(The Spotnicks)
19.Moscow(The Spotnicks)
20.Tapiola(The Spotnicks)
21.Lonesome Avenue(The Spotnicks)
22.Blue Eyes-Twist(The Quiets)
23.Troika(The Sounds)
24.Kareria(The Spotnicks)