Oldies/VA/OLDIES Best Final Part1
I buy Only a Go-kart Twist.
Title : OLDIES Best Final Part1
Record Label : Tone
Number : OLCD001
Date :
Price :
Length : 52:14
Artist : VA
Track :
2.One Way Ticket(To Blues)
3.Jail House Rock
4.Pretty little Baby
5.Pinaapple Princess
6.Johnny Get Aagry
7.Ballad of The One Eyed Jacks
8.One Boy
9.You Don't Have To Say You Love Me
10.Please Mr Postman
11.Johnny Remember Me
12.Goodbye Joe
13.Tout L'amour
14.Lonely Soldier Boy
15.Bobby's Girl
16.The Lion Sleeps Tonight
17.Go-kart Twist
18.Baby Face
19.Pocket Transister
20.Stupid Cupid