Foreign ELIKI/Puppe & The Boys/The Amazing Sound of.
From Echo Records Mr.Paul Selier
Title : The Amazing Sound of.
Record Label : Echo Records
Number : ERCD-0107
Date : 2001
Price :
Length :
Artist : Puppe & The Boys
Track :
1.The Tremble
2.UK 54
3.Exotic Love
4.Thiila Thaalia
5.Mute Guitar
6.Midnight Sun
7.Twisting Boys
8.Two Lonely Syars
9.White Hours
11.The Road
12.Blue Twlight
13.Time Files
14.The Float
15.Back to Basic
16.Gentle Zephyr
17.Derby - 79's
18.The Fifth Season
Bonus Track LIVE
20.Gentle Zephyr
21.Twisting Boys