Surf & Hodrod/VA/Pulp Surfin
Title : Pulp Surfin
Record Label : DEL-FI
Number : TECW-23017
Date : 1995/07/21
Price : 2300
Length : 36:54
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Pipeline(Lively Ones)
2.Ft. Lauderdale(Impacts)
4.Ultimate Wave(Eddie Day Of The Lively Ones)
5.Nite Prowler(Deuce Coupes)
6.In My Moondreams(Brian Wilson & Andy Paley)
7.Bengazi(Insect Surfers)
8.Letter From Jeepers(Mr. Guy of Frank Zappa)
9.Penetration(Blue Hawaiians)
10.Monte Carlo Nights(Tiki Gods)
11.Jacques Cousteau(Young Jacques)
12.The Lonely Dragster(Bobby Fuller)
13.Surfer Girl(Sentinals)
14.Rumble(Link Wray)
15.A Shot In The Dark(Boardwalkers)
17.Full Moon(Eden Ahbez)
18.Misirlou /Live (Bobby Fuller Four)