Inst/VA/Sultans of String

From Rautalanka Records Mr.Seppo Salminen

Title : Sultans of String
Record Label : Ecko
Number : ERCD-0002
Date :
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Golden Earring(The Regents)
2.Tiltu Twist(The Regents)
3.Autumn Dreams(The Regents)
4.SRP-003(The Regents)
5.Remember Monrepos(The Regents)
6.Journey To The Stars(The Revelaires)
7.The Third Man Theme(The Revelaires)
8.Goldfinger(The Revelaires)
9.You Only Live Twice(The Revelaires)
10.Secret Agent Man(The Revelaires)
11.Twisting Boys(Puppe & The Boys)
12.Exotic Love(Puppe & The Boys)
13.The Tremble(Puppe & The Boys)
14.Gentle Zephyr(Puppe & The Boys)
15.Back To Basics(Puppe & The Boys)
16.Londonderry Air(The Seaside Shadows)
17.Hydepark(The Seaside Shadows)
18.Dreanland(The Seaside Shadows)
19.Deuce For Bruce(The Seaside Shadows)
20.A Dream Of Glory(The Seaside Shadows)
21.Sint Goes Surfing(The Classics)

エレキ・インスト&GS レッツー・モカバンド+エイト・ビートの2枚セットで3,000円で

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