Oldies/LD/Root Of British Rock
Title : Root Of British Rock
Record Label : TNEC
Number : NALP-10009
Date : 1990
Price : 5000Yen
Lengh : 55min
Artist : VA
Track :
1.We Say Yeah(Clife Richard)
2.Tell Me When(The Applejack)
3.Jack Of Diamonds(Lonnie Donnigan)
4.These Dangerous Years(Frankie Vaughan)
5.Elevator Rock(Tommy Steele)
6.If I Had A Hammer(Jhonny B. Great)
7.If I was Down And Out(The Springfield)
8.I Think You're Swell(Billy Fury)
9.It's Going To Take Magic(Billy Fury)
10.Boy Meets Girl(Don Lang)
11.Somebody Else(Shane Fenton)
12.The Only One(Lulu)
13.Les Girls(The Shadows)
14.Now's The Time(The Hollies)
15.When I Get Home(The Spencer Davis Grou)
16.Happy Guitar(Tommy Steel)
17.Summer Holiday(Clife Richard)
18.Bachelor Boy(Clife Richard)
19.The Young One(Clife Richard)
20.Tommy The Toreador(Tommy Steel)
21.The Savage(The Shadows)
22.You Were Made For Me(Freddie And The Dreamers)
23.No-One Home(The Three Bells)
24.The Train Kept A-Rolling(Jim Dale)
25.The 6.5 Jave(The King Brothers)
26.On The Beach(Clife Richard)