R&B/Sam & Dave/Anthology
Sam & Dave 1965-1971 Anthology. US Version.Soul sister, Brown Sugar!!
Title : Anthology
Record Label : Atlantic
Number : R2-71253
Date :
Price : 2548yen
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1 Sheet
1.A Place Nobody Can Find
2.Goodnight Baby
3.I Take What I Want
4.You Don't Know Like I Know
5.Hold On I'm Comin'
6.I Got Everything I Need
7.Don't Make It So Hard On Me
8.Blame Me(Don't Blame My Heart)
9.You Got Me Mummin'
10.When Somthing Is Wrong With My Baby
11.Small Portion of Your Love
12.I Don't Need Nobody
13.That's The Way It's Gotta Be
14.Said I Wasn't Gonna Tell Nobody
15.Soothe Me(Live)
16.I Can't Stand Up For Falling Down
17.Toe Hold
18.Soul Man
19.May I Baby
20.Just Keep Holding On
21.The Good Runs The Bad Away
22.Rich Kind of Poverty
23.I've Seen What Loneliness Can Do
24.My Reason For Loving
25.Stay In School
2 Sheet
1.I Thank You
2.Wrap It Up
3.Broke Down Piece of Man
4.Hold It Baby
5.Come On In
6.This Is Your world
7.You Don't Know What You Mean To Me
8.Everybody Got To Believe In Somebody
9.Can't You Find Another Way
10.Ain't That A Lot of Love
11.Don't Turn Your Heater On
12.Soul Sister, Brown Sugar
13.Born Again
14.You Left The Water Running
15.Holdin' On
16.I'm Not An Indian Giver
17.One Part vLove-Two Part Rain
18.Baby-Baby Don't Stop Now
19.Standing In The Safety Zone
20.Knock It Out The Park
21.Don't Pull Your Love
22.Judy Ryder Got Killed
23.Starting All Over Again
25.Shop Around