Foreign ELIKI/Sandy nelson/Plays Teen Beat
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Title : Plays Teen Beat
Record Label : ACE
Number : CDCHD-577
Date : 1995
Price :
Length :
Artist : Sandy nelson
Track :
(1)Teen Beat
(2)Jivin' Around (Part 1 & Part II)
(3)Funny Face
(4)The Wiggle
(5)Rainy Day
(6)Drum Party
(7)In The Mood
(9)Lost Dreams
(10)I'm Walkin'
(11)Boom Chicka Boom
(12)Party Time
(13)Cool Operator
(14)Feet Beat
(15)Linda Lou
(17)Tough Beat
(19)Jive Talk
(20)Jumpin' Jungles
(21)The Flip
(22)Big Noise From The Jungle
(23)Walkin' To Hartford
(24)Tim Tam