Surf & Hodrod/VA/Surf Crazy
Surf VA Alubam
Title : Surf Crazy
Record Label : KING/Crescende
Number : KICP-586
Date : 1997/05/21
Price : 2548yen
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Latina(The Sentinals)
2.TSUNAMI(Paul Jhonson)
3.Goofy Footer Ho-Dad(Shean & Jenkins)
4.Tor-Chula(The Sentinals)
5.War of The Satellites(Neil Norman)
6.Pachuko Soul(The Soul Kings)
7.Exotic(The Rhythm Kings)
8.Watermelon Man(The Rhythm Kings)
9.Videospace(Neil Norman)
10.Surfin' And Swingin'(Les Brown Jr)
11.The Ventures Medley Wipe Out-
-Walk Don't Run - Pipeline Hawwai five O
12.Tidal Wave(Slack Tone)
13.Space Race(Gene & The Esquires)
14.Storm Surf(The Surfaris)
15.Hava Tequie(Billy Strange)
16.Water Country(The Challengers)
17.Speed International(The Dave Myers Effect)
18.Hell's Racers(The Dave Myers Effect)
19.Silent Screamer(The Dave Myers Effect)
20.Blue Soul(The Rhythm Kings)
21.Swingin' Piper Soul(The Soul Kings)
22.Intoxica(Jim Waller & The Deltas)
23.Surfin' Tragedy(Bob Vaught & The Renegaids)
24.Soul Beat PT2(Jim Waller & The Deltas)
25.Surf Bird(The Breakers)
26.Churach Key(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
27.Delano Soul beat(Bob Vaught & Renegaida)
28.Let's Go bSurfin'(Jim Waller & The Deltas)
29.Walk Don't Run '64(Billy Strange)