Inst/VA/Kitara Soi

Instro Band Of Finland
Title : Kitara Soi
Record Label : edel Records
Number : 0141182ERE
Date : 2002
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Emma(The Mustangs)
3.Karellia(The Wanglers)
4.Thunderbirds(A.aallon Rytmiorkesteri)
5.Only A Fool Breaks His Own Heart(Pekka Tiilikainen & Beatmakers)
6.Telster(The Aftons)
7.Tennessee Twist(Nono Soderberg)
8.Keep Searching(The Strangers)
9.Johnny Guitar(The Fellows)
10.James Bond Theme(Laika & The Cosmonauts)
11.You Only Live Twice(The Quiets)
12.Blue Star(The Charades)
13.Teke My Heart(Rami Hammar & The Riders)
14.Hava Nagikah(The Regents)
15.For A Few Dollars More(The Shanons)
16.Romany Violin(The Silver Strings)
17.Suki bYaki Stomp(Husky & The Sandmen)
18.Umbrella Twist(Hurmio)
19.Nostalgia(The Mustangs)
20.Santa Ana(The Aftons)
21.Midnight In Moscow(The Wanglers)
22.Leningrad(The Strangers)
23.Midnight(The Fellows)
24.Prince Of The Parade(A.aallon Rytmiorkesteri)
25.Sakkijarvi Stomp(Nono Soderberg)
26.In A Persian Market(The Quiets)
27.Just For You(Pekka Tiilikainen & Beatmakers)

エレキ・インスト&GS レッツー・モカバンド+エイト・ビートの2枚セットで3,000円で

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