Foreign ELIKI/The Shadows/From Hank,Bruce,Brian and Jhon
Import(UK),Original of 1967.
Title : From Hank,Bruce,Brian and Jhon
Record Label : EMI
Number : 724349976726
Date : 1999
Price : --
Lengh : --
Artist : The Shadows
Track :
1.Snap,Crackle And How's Your Dad
2.Evening Glow
3.A Thing Of Beauty
4.Naughty Nippon Nights
5.The Wild Roses
6.San Francisco
7.The Letter
8.The Tokaido Line
9.Holy Cow
11.Last Train To Claksville
12.Let Me Take You There
13.The Day I Met Marie
14.A Better Man Than I
15.Snap,Crackle And How's Your Dad
16.Evening Glow
17.A Thing Of Beauty
18.Naughty Nippon Nights
19.The Wild Roses
20.San Francisco
21.The Letter
22.The Tokaido Line
23.Holy Cow
25.Last Train To Claksville
26.Let Me Take You There
27.The Day I Met Marie
28.A Better Man Than I