The Spotnicks/The Spotnicks in Paris

Dansons avec les Spotnicks 1963

Title : The Spotnicks in Paris cover
Record Label : SWE Disc
Number : SWECD-407
Date :
Price :
Length : 47:29
Artist : The Spotnicks
Track :
1.Just Listen to My Heart
2.Joey's Song
3.Old Faithful
4.Say Mama
5.Last Date
6.Le Drenier Train De L'espase
7.Hot Toddy
8.Pony Express
9.Western Guitar
10.Skintops Blues
11.Blue Blue Day
12.Happy Guitar
13.Comme Ci Comme CA
14. Trambone
15.My Bonnie
16.Jhonny Guitar
17.Old Clock At Home
18.Endless Walk
19.What Did I Say
20.Gallopning Guitars