Surf & Hodrod/VA/Surfer's Slide
Title : Surfer's Slide
Record Label : GEMA
Number : KGEMA 94003
Date : 1994
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)The Rising Surf
(2)Surfer's Delight
(4)Foot Stomp U.S.A
(5)The Quiet Surf
(6)Breakin' Out
(8)Ground Swell
(9)Push off
(10)Swanne River Twang
(11)Put it On
(13)Surfer's Slide
(14)Sunday Surfer
(15)The Lonely Surfer
(16)Ridin' The Woodie
(17)Swing Low
(18)Surfer's Hop
(19)A Touch of Blue
(20)Malibu Run
(21)Surf Man
(22)Comin' Back to You
(24)Tidal Wave
(25)Cave Man
(26)Room 304
(27)Lonely Guitarist
(28)Breakin' Out
(29)Swanne River Twang
(30)Swing Low Sweet Chariot
(31)Stranger from Durango
(33)Not So Quiet
(34)Hunted Guitar