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Import Edition,UK
Title : Strung Out! cover
Record Label : CASTLE(UK)
Number : CMDD 095
Date : 2001
Price : -
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
Disc 1
01.The Desperados(The Eagles)
02.Special Agent(The Eagles)
03.Fire Ball(The Flee-Rekkers)
04.Country Line Special(Cyril Davies & His Rhuthm'n'Blues Allstar)
05.Jump Jeremiah(Mike Ford & The Consuls)
06.The Green Man(Mike Ford & The Consuls)
07.Mad Goose(The Son Of The Piltdown Men)
08.Be A Party(The Son Of The Piltdown Men)
09.El Relicardd(Joe Brown)
10.Hava Nagila(Joe Brown)
11.Wipe Out(The Saints)
12.Midgets(The Saints)
13.Dream Lover(The Packabeats)
14.Packabeats(The Packabeats)
15.Getaway(Johnny Keating & The Z Men)
16.Station Six Aahara(The Eagles)
17.Cleopatra's Needle(Ahab & The Wailers)
19.Happy Talk(The Saints)
20.Parade Of Tin Soldiers(The Saints)
21.Telstar(The Eagles)
22.Pipeline(The Eagles)
23.Husky Team(The Saints)
24.Pigtails(The Saints)
25.The Red Dragon(The Blackjacks)
26.Woo Hoo(The Blackjacks)
27.All Things Bright And Beautiful(Joe Brown)
28.Andorra(The Eagles)
29.Night Train(Johnny Nicol & Shuboubs)
30.Peater Gunn(The Remo Four)
Disc 2
01.John Peel(The Eagles)
02.Post Horn Gallop(The Eagles)
03.Rocking Rocker(The Eagles)
04.Baja(John Paul Jones)
05.A Foggy Day In Vietnam(John Paul Jones)
06.6.10 Special(The Hootenannys)
07.Husky(Johnny Nicol & Shuboubs)
08.Coroline(Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers)
10.Zulu Stomp(The Brand)
11.Red Cabbage(Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers)
12.Revenge(The Ray MacVay Sound)
13.Raunchy(The Ray MacVay Sound)
14.The Big Beat(Eric Delaneys Big Beat Six)
15.Big Noise From Winnetka(Eric Delaneys Big Beat Six)
16.High Wire(Eric Delaneys Big Beat Six)
17.The Lost World(The Bob Leaper Orchestra)
19.Tangerrine Puppet(The Bob Leaper Orchestra)
20.Before The Beginning(Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers)
21.Soltaire(Peter Jay & The Jaywalkers)
22.My Little Rose(The Lancastrians)
23.Beach Bash(The Ram Jam Band)
24.Comin' Home Baby(The Cymbaline)
25.The Saint(The Elminators)
26.Thunderbirds(The Elminators)
27.The Elminators(The Elminators)
29.Telstar'69(Velvett Fogg)
30.Classical Gas(Sounds Orchestral)