Surf & Hodrod/VA/Surfin' Exotica
Mr.Eddie UGATA editorial supervision of El Camino. On parade [ Class B surfing thing ]
Title : Surfin' Exotica
Record Label : TE / DEL-FI
Number : TECW 20272
Date : 1996/7/21
Price : 2039yen
Length : 61:21
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)Exotic(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
(2)Tranquilizer(The Lively Ones)
(3)Big Surf(The Sentinals)
(4)Intoxica(The Sentinals)
(5)Moment of Truth(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
(6)Tor-Chula(The Impacts)
(7)Night and day(The Lively Ones)
(8)Body Surfin'(The Centurions)
(9)Latin Soul(The Sentinals)
(10)Passion(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
(11)Swim Beat(Bill Lewis)
(12)Mexico(The Lively Ones)
(13)Impact(The Impacts)
(14)Baja(Surf Mariachis)
(15)Road Rincon(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
(16)Latinia(The Sentinals)
(17)Pintor(Yhe Pharos)
(18)Hight Dive(Bill Lewis)
(19)Lonly Sea-Lolita(The Bobby Fuller Four)
(20)Mr.Moto(The Lively Ones)
(21)Wetwalkin'(Dave Myers & The Surftones)
(22)Tears(The Impacts)
(23)Comanche(The Centurions)
(24)Sunset Beach(The Sentinals)
(25)More(Surf Mariachis)
(26)Hight Noon Rumble(The Venturas)
(27)Misirlor(The Lively Ones)