Surf & Hodrod/The Surfaris/The Best of Surfaris
No less than 34 music is contained with what.Moon Dawg point panic etc
Title : The Best of Surfaris
Record Label : MV / MCA
Number : MVCM 385
Date : 1993/6/23
Price : 2500yen
Length : 78:46
Artist : The Surfaris
Track :
(1)Wipe Out(Dot Version)
(2)Surfer Joe(Dot Version)
(3)Wikiki Run
(4)Surfer Joe
(7)Surfing Drums
(8)Point Panic
(10)Wipe Out
(11)I'm A Hog For You
(12)Jack The Ripper
(13)Surferis Stomp
(14)Surf Scene
(15)Scatter Shield
(16)Dune Buggy
(17)Hound Dog
(18)Hot Rod Graveyard
(19)I'm Leaving Town
(20)Murphy The Surfie
(22)Hot Rod Hight
(23)Moon Dawg
(24)Big Surge
(25)Burnin' Rubber
(27)Boss Baracuda
(28)Black Denim
(30)Little Ducee Coupe
(31)California Girls
(32)Be Ture To Your School
(33)Don't Hurt My Little Sister
(34)I Wanna Take a Trip To Islands