Foreign ELIKI/Song for Young Love/Les Players & Les Flash
The contest of two bands representing France
Title : Song for Young Love
Record Label : KING/SEVEN SEAS
Number : KICP-2314
Date : 1992/6/24
Price : 2800yen
Length :
Artist : Les Players & Les Flash
Track :
(1)Song for Young Love
(3)La Tour De Mare
(4)Pony Express
(6)Player's Theme
(7)The House of The Rising Sun
(8)Walking Alone
(9)Watusi Stomp
(12)Your Other Love
(13)I Feel Fine
(14)Clipple Creek
(15)Drums Song
(16)Oh Oui J'en Ai Reve
(17)Les Feuillers Mortes
(19)Prends La Caravelle
(20)Le Dahu
(22)Preghro(Stand By Me)
(23)The Enchanted Sea