Title : Traces
Record Label : TWANGSVILLE
Number : TWGS0766
Date : 2002
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.The ´In´ Crowd (The Skylights)
2.Runaway(The Skylights)
3.Midnight Sea(The Skylights)
4.Surfrider(The Skylights)
5.Summer Kisses, Winter Tears(The Skylights)
6.Besame Mucho(The Skylights)
7.Yozora-No-Hoshi(The Skylights)
8.Mission Impossible(The Skylights)
9.Mystery Dream(The Skylights)
10.Summer In The City(The Charades)
11.Traces(The Charades)
12.Green Pepper Beat(The Charades)
13.He Ain´t Heavy He´s My Brother(The Charades)
14.Walkin´ The Carpet(The Charades)
15.Psychedelic Sandwich(The Charades)
16.Mindbender(The Stingers)
17.Curves(The Stingers)
18.Glass Radio(The Stingers)
19.Stabilized(The Stingers)
20.Winter´s Rose(The Regents)
21.Hush My Heart(The Regents)
22.All Day(The Regents)
23.Theme For Young Lovers(The Regents)
24.Horse Ride(The Regents)
25.Castle Mood(The Regents)
26.Matelot(The Regents)

エレキ・インスト&GS レッツー・モカバンド+エイト・ビートの2枚セットで3,000円で

モカバンド最新DVD付/試聴⇒ 1.ウィズ・ダンス2.ベイビー・フェイス3.夜空のかなたに