TERRY and SHARP FIVE/Terry and Bunnys/The birth of Bunnys(Vinyl/LP)
The masterpiece whose Terauchi is the best. I want to ask for the re-sale of the CD.
Title :The birth of Bunnys
Record Label : KING
Number : SKK-285
Date : 1967
Price : 1500yen
Length :
Artist : Takeshi Terauchi and Bunnys
Track :
(A-1)The theme of TERRY
(A-2)It is sworn not to come back
(A-3)Black Carnation
(A-5)The shout of the sun
(A-6)Dream in Ocean
(B-1)Test driver
(B-2)The go-between of the rainbow
(B-3)The Flying Guitar
(B-4)Lonly Boy
(B-5)Hey! Chance
(B-6)I'm believe