TERRY and SHARP FIVE/Takeshi Terauchi and his Blue Jeans 1
Terry and Blue Jeans first and second LP's to CD.
Title : Takeshi Terauchi and his Blue Jeans 1
Record Label : KING
Number : 194A-17
Date : 1989
Price : 1998yen
Length :
Artist : Terry and his Blue Jeans
Track :
(1)Oh, Pretty Woman
(2)Tell Me
(4)Kissn' Cousins
(5)Twin Cut Out
(6)Una Sera Di Tokyo
(7)Walk-Don't Run
(8)A Hard Days Night
(9)The House of Rising Sun
(10)Ti Voglio Amar
(11)Please Mr Postman
(12)I'll Touch A Star
(13)Hold Me
(14)En Blu Jeans Et Troudon De Chur
(15)Diamond Head
(16)Slaugter on Tenth Avenue
(17)500 Miles
(18)Keep Serchin'
(19)Il Sure Della
(20)Blue Jean No.1
(21)007/Gold Finger
(22)Heart of Stone
(23)Pipe Line
(25)Just think of Tonight
(26)Mr Carpenter