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Title : Twangin´ Around The World cover
Record Label : TWANGSVILLE
Number : TWGS1066
Date : 2002
Price :
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Zero Fighter (Elder)
2.Funky Rock(Elder)
3.A Passage Of Youth(Elder)
4.Poem Of Sea Breeze(Elder)
5.Rainbow (Happy Times)
6.Crying Game(Happy Times)
7.Dick Tracy(Happy Times)
8.Burning Desire(Happy Times)
9.Chanson de Danse(Happy Times)
10.Space Walk(Moonshot)
11.Blue Shawl(Moonshot)
12.A Hundred Guitars (Moonshot)
13.Can´t Take My Eyes Off Of You(Moonshot)
14.Chariot(The Pistoleros)
15.Piggtrad(The Pistoleros)
16.Durango(The Pistoleros)
17.Eg ser deg utfor gluggjen(The Pistoleros)
18.Siberia (Ajomies)
19.Memories Of Carpat (Ajomies)
20.Europe(The Spoilers)
Title : Twangin´ Around The World Vol.2
Record Label : TWANGSVILLE
Number : TWGS1566
Date : 2003
Price : 2800yen
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Birddog(The Classics)
2.Memories Of Love(The Classics)
3.String Of Pearls(The Classics)
4.There´s A Kind Of Hush(The Classics)
5.Dreamin(The Classics)
6.Jane(The Propellers)
7.Black Sea Trip(The Propellers)
8.Ni-Ko-Te(Puppe & The Boys)
9.Malaka(Puppe & The Boys)
10.The Greek Beat(Puppe & The Boys)
11.Fokus Twist(Puppe & The Boys)
12.Summer Dusk(Puppe & The Boys)
13.Sleepwalk(Beat Cruise)
14.El Cumbanchero(Beat Cruise)
15.Swan Lake(Beat Cruise)
16.Cavatina(Beat Cruise)
17.Summer Wind(Beat Cruise)
18.Driving Yokohama(Beat Cruise)
19.Don´t Ask Me Love(Los Paramors)
20.Let Me Go(Los Paramors)
21.Strange Long Haired Man(Los Paramors)
22.Violents Theme(Los Paramors)
23.Wicked Game(Los Paramors)
24.Fir Tree Was Born In The Forest(The Spoilers)
25.Sing Sing Sing(The Spoilers)
26.Pacifica(The Spoilers)

Driving Yokohama / Beat Cruise From Twangin' around the world (vol 2)