Inst/VA/Twist And Frit'

Title : Twist And Frit'
Record Label : BMG
Number : 74321 379982
Price : --
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Crocker's Twist(Les Croque-Notes)
2.The Howlers(The Howlers)
3.Loempia(The Freedom Riders)
4.Tundra Patrol(The Ruby's)
5.Surfin' Rope(Les Bourraux)
6.Les Yeux Blues(The Blues Angels)
7.Geisha(The Silhouetts)
8.Golden Guitar(The Michells)
9.Chariot(The Jumpers)
10.Nosidam(James Curtis And The Madisons)
11.Comanche(The Tigers)
12.Furia(Les Frangins)
13.Picnic Dream(The Picnics)
14.Candai(Geronimo And His Boys)
15.Rayon Mortel(The Howlers)
16.Pizzicato Twist(The Freedom Riders)
17.Batman(The Jumpers)

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