ROCK&RB/DVD ウッドストック-愛と平和と音楽の3日間-/VA

Title : ウッドストック-愛と平和と音楽の3日間- cover
Record Label : WB
Number : DLT-13549
Date : 1994/7/25
Price : 2100yen
Length : 224min
Artist : VA
Track :
1.Long Time Gone(Crosby,Stills & Nash)
2.Going Up The Country(Canned Heat)
3.Wooden Ships(Crosby,Stills & Nash)
4.Handsome Johnny(Richie Havens)
5.Freedom(Richie Havens)
6.A Change Is Gonna Come(Canned Heat)
7.Joe Hill(Joan Beaz)
8.Swing Low Sweet Chariot(Joan Beaz)
9.Were Not Gonna Take It(The Who)
10.Sommertime Blues(The Who)
11.At The Hop(Sha-Na-Na)
12.With a Little Help from My Freinds(Joe Cocker)
13.Rock and Soul Music(Country Joe & The Fish)
14.Comming Into Los Angeles(Aro Guthrie)
15.Suite Judy Blue Eyes(Crosby,Stills & Nash)
16.I'm Going Home(Ten Years After)
17.Won't You Try(Jeferson Airplane)
18.Uncle Sam's Blues(Jeferson Airplane)
19.Younger Generation(John Sebastian)
20.I Feel-Like-I'm-Fixin'-To-Die Rag(Country Joe Mcdonald)
21.Soul Sacrifice(Santana)
22.I Want Take Your Higher(Sly & The Family Stone)
23.Work Me Lord(Janis Joplin)
24.Voodoo Chile(Jim Hendrix)
25.Star Spangled Banner(Jim Hendrix)
26.Purple Haze(Jim Hendrix)


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