The Ventures/Fabulous Ventures & Ventures A Go-Go
The Ventures, twin best series.This CD is inexpensive.
Title : Fabulous Ventures & Ventures A Go-Go
Record Label : EMI / Capitol
Number :
Date : 1996
Price : $11.49
Length :
Artist : Ventures
Track :
01.Needles And Pins
02.Runnin' Wild
03.Eleventh Hour
04.The Cruel Sea
06.Tall Cool One
07.Only The Young
08.Journey To The Stars
10.Ravin' Blue
11.Walkin' With Pluto
12.The Pink Panther Theme
13.(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
14.Go-Go Show
15.Louie Louie
16.Night Stick
17.La Bamba
18.The 'In' Crowd
19.Wooly Bully
20.A Go-Go Guitar
21.A Go-Go Dancer
22.The Swingin' Creeper
23.Whittier Blvd
24.I Like It Like That
26.Indian Summer