The Ventures/History Box Vol5-1
The Ventures/History Box Vol5-1
Title : History Box Vol5-1
Record Label : LIBERTY
Number : TOCP 7141
Date : 1992/6/24
Price : 12000yen
Length :
Artist : The Ventures
Track :
(1)The Good The Bad And The Ugly
(2)Mission Impossible
(3)House Of The Rising Sun
(6)Love Is Blue
(7)Classical Gas
(8)Taste Of Honey
(9)Green Onions
(10)Grazin' In Their Grass
(12)Hawaii Five-O
(13)The Mercenary
(14)The Wanderer
(15)Storefront Lawyers
(16)Kern Conty Line
(17)Paint It Black
(18)Manchurian Beat
(19)Squaw Man
(20)Last tango In Paris
(21)Prima Vere
(25)Hey There Sunshine
(26)Behind These Stained Glass Windoe