The Ventures/VA/Swingin' Creepers!
Tribute To The Ventures(Neo Surf Band)
Title : Swingin' Creepers!
Record Label : M&I
Number : MYCV 30008
Date : 1999/6/17
Price : 3000yen
Length :
Artist : VA
Track :
(1)Jouney To The Stars(The Space Cossacks)
(2)Walk Don't Run(The Fathoums)
(3)Stop Action(Eddie Angel & The Omega Men)
(4)Hot Line(The Quiets)
(5)Ravin' Blue(The Volcanos)
(6)Lonely Sea(The Exotics)
(7)Mariner 4(The Penetrators)
(8)Go-Go Slow(The Hypnomen)
(9)Fuzzy & Wild(The cave 4)
(10)Guitar Freakout(The Boss Marians)
(11)Diamond Head(Jhon & The Nightriders)
(12)War Of The Satellites(The Sir Finks)
(13)The Ninth Wave(The Bomboras)
(14)The Twomp(Fortune)(
(15)Lullaby Of The Leaves(Davie Allan & The Arrows)
(16)Yellow Jacket(The Satum V)
(17)Swingin' Creepers(The Tiki Tones)
(18)A Go-Go Dancer(The Looney Tunes)
(19)Bird Rockers(The Mystery Action)
(20)Eleventh Hour(The Vice Royals)
(21)Escape/Psychedelic Venture(Satan's Pilgrims)
(22)Sha La La(The Huntington Cads)
(23)Moon Child(Ivan)